Advanced Digital Signage Platform for Business.

Cybercast is a digital signage platform designed to showcase content in an innovative and engaging manner.

The kiosks are available as both touch and non-touch interactive models. Managed through a web browser, content can be updated with a click of your mouse and sent directly to your various digital kiosks.

Cybercast has made it simple for businesses to drive sales, improve customer experience and engage with their target audiences like never before.

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CommsPlus Distribution is an Official Distributor of Cybercast Digital Signage in Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Full HD Digital Signage Kiosk

High resolution portrait digital screen display, available in either touch or non-touch.

Content can be created at your workstation (laptop, desktop or mobile device) and sent directly to your kiosk to show advertising content in real-time.

Complete package includes full HD commercial display, mounting hardware, software and access to 500+ customisable content templates.

Key Features

  • Create targeted content that can be updated as often as needed
  • Broadcast content on single or multiple screens
  • Operates using reliable cloud infrastructure
  • Replaces the need for printing POS material
  • Real-time and scheduled broadcasting

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