Business Telephony Software

UC Software

As a specialist Unified Communications (UC) Distributor, CommsPlus Distribution has invested in selecting the best of breed UC applications which are certified to integrate with our leading voice Vendor Partners. Our UC expertise and insight ensure that we have the applications and in-house support capability to deliver the right solution the first time and every time.

Panasonic UC Pro

The Panasonic UC Pro productivity application suite is a highly intuitive software suite that converges business telephony together with computer based presence. Panasonic UC Pro blends easy point-and-click telephony together with presence, availability, Microsoft Outlook integration, visual voice messaging and a variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users.


Mondago is UK based software company that develops Computer Telephony software using standards-based APIs to integrate sophisticated Contact Centre and Unified Communications solutions.

Go Connect

Go Connect is a unified communication software suite that provides users with easy communication and collaboration between their Panasonic telephone systems and their internal business systems. End users have the ability to work more collectively with each other and retrieve information about callers more efficiently. The suite consists of Go Connect Office, Go Connect Office Plus, Go Connect CRM, Mobile client and Go Connect Attendant, each of which provide assistance to meet the specific business needs of customers.

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Go Integrator

Go Integrator is a unified communication software suite that allows users to communicate and collaborate more effectively. The suite includes Go Integrator Lite and Go Integrator DB, which provide users with a variety of call functions and access to relevant information to improve the end user experience.

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CyTrack Intelligence Systems

CyTrack Intelligence Systems is a leading Australian owned business that has been pioneering multi-channel Contact Centre applications to integrate with a range of CRM and database platforms.
Unified Communications

Our CyDesk™ application delivers the important functionality that your team needs and at the same time enables the business to monitor and review performance and productivity in real time as well as historically when used in conjunction with our CyReport Business Intelligence solution.

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Multi-Channel Contact Centres

Cloud Contact Centre provides your business with the technology to ensure you meet important needs, communicate with customers in numerous ways, differentiate your business and most importantly, create high customer satisfaction.

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Business Process Automation

Every business has unique needs and business processes for competitive advantage and quality service. Cytrack has built-in tools to address individual business requirements.  Make the CyTrack Solution your own with Communications enabled Business Process Automation.

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Business Intelligence Reporting tools

CyReport™ utilises a powerful SQL database and browser based user interface, to deliver reporting information via 150 intelligent reports. Reports may be set to be emailed automatically on your own schedules and delivered directly to your email, or run ad-hoc reports and create your own filters for deep analysis of your business and team performance.

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As a GOLD Partner of the Panasonic Solutions Developer Network, Poltys provides enhanced Unified Communications and Call Centre solutions for the Panasonic KX- NS IP-PBX series.

Poltys Call Centre View

Poltys Call Centre View is a cost effective call centre management solution to help businesses manage contact centre operations and handle high-volume complex calls. With Call Centre View (CC View) the supervisor can use the built-in management reports, instant messaging and real time monitoring to instantly improve customer service levels. They also have access to real time and historical information and can easily identify staffing deficiencies that need improvement and increase overall group performance.

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Poltys Direct Care Connect

Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) helps healthcare organizations manage their communications more effectively, enabling continuous wireless connectivity between nurses, caregivers, coordination desks and patients. Care givers are able to respond to patient alarms more efficiently, have seamless communication throughout their healthcare facility, and provide a higher quality of service to their patients.

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Poltys Call Accounting

Poltys Call Accounting is a cost effective call accounting solution to help you manage your telephony costs and observe your high-volume telephony traffic. With Call Accounting (CCAccounting), the supervisor can monitor and report on telecommunication activity. CCAccounting collects incoming and outgoing telephone data generated by your phone switch and is used to control operation expenses, distribute costs and increase employee productivity.

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